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The FunikiJam World Music Methodology
 and Integrated Arts Curriculum

(A Mommy nearest Spotlight) 

1. It makes kids global citizens

"FunikiJam programs are designed to explore cultures and celebrate our differences and likenesses," says Barrentine. FunikiJam follows an agrarian calendar, meaning they honor the seasons and the global holidays and traditions that fall within them. The season informs the theme of each FunikiJam Program. 


2. It teaches kids to express themselves

Kids don't just sit and watch. They join in on the action, move to the music and respond in a way that feels right for them. The earlier kids learn to feel and express it with their bodies, the more thoughtful and intuitive they'll be later in life.


3. It's good for kids' development

Activities are not only fun: they also target key areas of development. Your children won't know that while they're jamming, they're also improving their futures. 


4. It's learning and fun for families, not just kids

FunikiJam is real music for any age. Kids just happen to really like it. And since there are tons of ways for you to engage with your kids over FunikiJam.(Listen to music online, watch the YouTube Channel,  attend classes and shows) you'll want to jam right along with them.



Meets learners where they are to bring forth their best. 


Uses Music & Movement as Modalities to learn about ourselves and the world around us. 


Targets developmental skills even when students may not realize they are learning. 


Is built upon original songs, stories, and rhymes specially developed young children


Promotes global community and multiple language learning. 


Has developmentally appropriate curriculum for infants, toddlers, pre-k, and early elementary


Follows the Agrarian calendar to reflect the changing  of the seasons. 

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Starting in 1999,

Brian Barrentine and the FunikiJam World Music Theatre Teaching Artists

have taught their trademark

"arts exploration for the next generation"classes

to students ranging from

infants to graduate students

around the world at fine educational institutions including but not limited to:


 Atlanta Metro Schools,

Nashville Metro Schools,

New York City Schools,

New York University,

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music,

Midori & Friends Foundation,

Brooklyn Public Libraries,

Kiddie Academy,

The Caedmon School, 

Nashville Dept. of Children and Youth,

Hopscotch Montessori Schools,

Birmingham Libraries,

San Diego Libraries,

Eastern Suffolk County School District, Bolschule Aalen of Germany,

The Isha Foundation of India,

Chinese Department of Culture,

 International School of Rio

lessons & partner program
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