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about FunikiJam

(say "fun-EEE-KEE-jam")


"funiki" (Japanese):  "(musical) atmosphere" 

"jam" (Indonesian):  "time (well spent)"

FunikiJam = music time (around the world)

it starts with FUN and it ends in a JAM...


FunikiJam was founded by Brian Barrentine in 1999 to meet a growing demand for quality education and entertainment programs for young children and families. Starting with a weekly audience of just six families, the program quickly became so popular that Barrentine began training teachers, opening new locations, recording the music, and touring live shows to schools, music festivals and lofty venues like the Historic Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Now based in NYC, FunikiJam has evolved into a landmark early childhood education and entertainment organization with an annual reach of over 70,000 patrons. Uniquely blending  Barrentine's original rhymes, chants, songs and stories with indigenous music from around the world,   FunikiJam's mission is to empower global citizens to reach their highest potential through its trademark "music exploration for the next generation" classes,  live shows, musical recordings, film production, and teacher training.

Ladies and gentlemen, our leader...


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Brian Barrentine 

Lifelong artist, educator, and world traveler, Brian Barrentine is the creator, voice and face of FunikiJam World Music - multiple winner of the Parent’s Choice Award for Best Music. Barrentine has been cast in numerous musicals on Broadway and Off; played Elvis in “Elvis the Musical” European Tour; written the Gymboree Music Program; served as Early Childhood Director at Brooklyn Conservatory; taught as Professor of Early Childhood Arts at New York University, and acted on screen in TV shows like The Good Wife, Madam Secretary, and Law & Order SVU. 

A highly trained team of elite experts in music, movement, language, and cool. 

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