Off Broadway Family Musicals


TEN Globe-Spanning Shows!

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Touring since 2000, off Broadway since 2015, and Streaming LIVE since 2020, this NY TIMES pick for “best events” recently made its debut in China with a 24-city tour that played to over 50,000 people.


The show blends education and fun with globe-spanning musical adventures that celebrate world culture;

engaging little ones - and their grown up friends - with live music, singing, dancing, spectacle, and audience participation in a fully produced theatrical setting.


Each season offers a different show with its own "Special Mission" so audiences can come back again and again to continue the learning and fun.


Each show is designed to use music and movement as modalities to build global community by learning more about ourselves and others. 


W​ARNING: May cause laughing, clapping, dancing, and singing in multiple languages!

The FunikIJam Shows

BABY LIKES TO ROCK! World Music Fair

 ROCK OR TREAT! Halloween around the World

 HOLIDAY BEAT! Chinese New Year, Hanukkah, Kwaanza, Diwali, Shichigosan & Christmas

CITY OF HOPE! from Mardi Gras to Motown

SHENANIGANS! Irish Celebration


TOTALLY AWESOME! Summer Vacation Around the World

RHYTHM BOOM BOOM! Tour Around the World with Captain Jam

Amazon Adventure (world premiere 2021) 

The FunikiJam Show LIVE with Captain Jam


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