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in person &  virtual options 

FunikiJam's WORLD MUSIC THEATRE school programs feature interactive, engaging assemblies, classes and workshops that highlight the music of different cultures and diverse genres such as country, classical, folk, jazz, zydeco, latin, Motown, musical theatre, pop, polka, reggae, rock, samba, swing, symphonic, tango, and African drumming. 


Performed by a multi-cultural cast of New York artists from places like Belgium, Brazil, Brooklyn, China, Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Japan and Nashville,  our virtual programming cultivates critical thinking by integrating social and cultural connections in an accessible  format, with  in-person, live-streamed and video-produced content options.


For an enhanced learning experience, participants can attend artist-led workshops to further explore the world's history, cultural context, and connections to global communities.

SAMPLE PROGRAM: "VAMOS TODOS: Music Garden! off Broadway/Touring Show. " Join Captain Jam and the Agents of Jam on a Special Mission to discover the best Music Garden for Spring Celebration Day. Will it be the Farm Fun Garden, the Spanish Garden, the Eurogarden, South America Fiesta Carnaval ?  Choose your favorite when VAMOS TODOS plays a screen or theatre near you. 

Experience the original Off-Broadway production of FunikiJam’s “City of Hope”, an original story of how music from African Roots developed into beloved forms of artistic expression around the world, told by the Agents of Jam - FunikiJam’s multicultural band of contemporary artists.

Featuring a score that blends zydeco, jazz, R&B and Broadway, “City of Hope” takes a musical journey from Africa to New Orleans, Paris and Detroit; and creates an innovative moment in theatre - a fun family musical that opens the doors for discussions of race, diversity, and world culture. 

Filmed at the Historic Actor’s Temple Theatre off Broadway in February of 2020, the film transports its audience into the world of the off Broadway show in a uniquely interactive way.

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  • Provide an opportunity to explore music and its history, cultural context, and relationship to social justice themes

  • Virtual, LIVE-streamed artist-led instruction with activities for listening, music appreciation, and music-making

  • Accommodates up to 25 participants

  • Duration: up to 45 Minutes

  • Feature world-class ensembles

  • Highlights cultural and social justice themes

  • Seamlessly blends video content and LIVE-streamed, artist-led activities, followed by Q&A session for the audience

  • Accommodates up to 200 participants

  • Duration: up to 60 Minutes

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