FunikiJam TV Series


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He has toured the world with his own original musicals and starring in a TV show for China, but now you can join Captain Jam (FunikiJam creator, Brian Barrentine) and friends brings his show to your TV!  You'll have FUN, JAM, and learn about the WORLD! Each show challenges kids to use musical tools and imagination to complete the day's Special Mission as they "...sing some songs, learn new words, and move to the music with Captain Jam".


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Catch the first two seasons of our "Move to the Music" series.  Featuring Captain Jam, Agents of Jam and Junior Agents of Jam, "Move to the Music"'s first season offers 21 episodes (streaming in China) with our 16-episode season premiering in 2021.  Stay tuned!

FunikiJam Holiday Specials

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"City of Hope" is the story of how music from African Roots developed into beloved forms of artistic expression around the world, told by the Agents of Jam - FunikiJam's multicultural band of contemporary artists. Featuring a score that blends zydeco, jazz, R&B and Broadway, "City of Hope" takes a musical journey from Africa to New Orleans, Paris and Detroit; and creates an innovative moment in theatre - a fun family musical that opens the doors for discussions of race, diversity, and world culture. Filmed Off Broadway at the Historic Actor's Temple Theatre, the film transports its audience into the world of the off Broadway show in a uniquely interactive way.

When Bahjat wants to throw a holiday party that includes everyone, Captain Jam and the Agents of Jam take him on a globe-spanning musical adventure to complete Special Mission: HOLIDAY PARTY and throw the ultimate celebration.

NYC’s only dance-along, sing-along, play-along Halloween musical for kids!

When the Agents of Jam accept a mission to celebrate Spring around the world, they don't need a map - they just "follow the tunes!" This lively show invites you to join the globe-spanning musical adventure as "new recruits" guided by Captain Jam and The Agents of Jam. You'll explore world cultures with lively songs, rhymes and stories in a Spanish Garden, Farm Garden, EuroGarden and South American Fiesta Carnaval.